Michael Lockwood

Michael Lockwood is a well-known author and is known for his bestselling books nationwide. He is also a pilot. His birthday falls on 8th November. He was born in Texas and has 2 siblings. He has grown up while working at his grandfather’s automotive shop. He has always loved staying outdoors like for fishing and eating seafood. He grandfather gave him the work ethic of no nonsense work. He has spent plenty of time while growing up in Phoenix which is located in Arizona.He describes his parents as really hard working human beings. He learnt the sense of responsibility from his father. He learnt from his father that a real man is supposed to work and take care of his family’s needs. He is multi- tasking man. Apart from being a pilot, he is a philanthropist, a real estate developer and a motivational speaker. He loves playing tennis, snow boarding and golf. He also enjoys travelling to new places with his family.

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He was the pilot of Boeing 767 for 20 years. He worked for United Parcel Services and he has flown Boeing 767 internationally also. He is always recognized as different from crowd. He served the country in the first war with the Gulf. He was the commander for C-5 Galaxy. It is the largest among all the jet aircrafts available in the world.

He is very well known for his generous nature. He founded a non-governmental organization named as “The S.O.A.R Foundation”. This foundation encourages the youth who are interested in flying. They also help the youth achieving their dream of flying by giving them a great opportunity of learning to fly. During his 17 years of tenure with UPS, he has flown 10 years as captain. He is also different than others flight instructor. In the year 2009, he was nominated for the award for “Flight Crew of the Year”. He made sure of a safe landing after the flight faced various malfunctions. He graduated with degree of science from Air Force Academy in the United States of America. He was appointed by John McCain. When he was taking undergraduate pilot training, he was given the name of top graduate among his class fellows. He was an outstanding basketball player. He is currently a speaker at the “Speakers Bureau Institute” which is a secondary branch of “RKD Music & Talent Management”.

He got married to Lisa Leslie in the year 2006. She is a former Basket Ball player. She retired from basketball in the year 2009. She is very well in shape and a successful model. She aspires to act. She has been seen in the sports publication of vogue. They have 3 daughters which inspired Michael to write the book “Women have all the power. Too bad they don’t it”. He is very protective for his family. He describes himself as a loving husband and a loyal son. There is not much information about him on internet or any dedicated biography. He has nearly 800 followers on Facebook.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 22 May, 1961
Age: 58 yrs
Occupations: Musician
Classical guitarist
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Hawthorne
Gender: Male
Description: American guitarist and producer
Spouse: Lisa Marie Presley [M. 2006]
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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