Robert Maschio 

Do you remember Todd Quinlan of Scrubs? You will probably remember his numerous high-fives too. Well, his real name is Robert Maschio. He started his career as a small time guest appearance character in TV series like Spin City and others and later, became a household name with many roles.

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Personal life

Robert was born in New York. He has three brothers. One of his brothers, Michael is a novelist, Patrick is a writer and John is a musician. While growing up, he wanted to be a lawyer. It was Futterman who commented that he should be in acting for the very first time in his life. Robert was a smart kid at school. He attended Columbia University and studied Musical Theatre. He also studied acting professionally for two years. He is almost fifty years now and has not yet shared anything about his personal life when it comes to dating, romance and others. He has maintained secrecy with public about his personal life. The same goes for net worth details too. His net worth is believed to be in millions but, exact data is not known. Since there are no details about any current girlfriend or wife, he is widely considered to be single by many. On the other hand, there is a rumor that he is in a live-in relationship with a woman.

There are rumors about him having a relationship with Amanda Elsasser. Robert has never mentioned about her and neither were there any news about them getting engaged. Amanda also has not mentioned about being in a relationship with Robert in any media. There are no pictures of them together in public. While Scrubs team was waiting for the show to be renewed for the eighth season, there are numerous gossips about Amanda and Robert living together near a beach for about one and a half year. There are still no comments from either of them about the current situation. There are no details about where they met personally and how they got into a relationship and so on. His family members and close friends are not ready to comment on this information. There is no news about future possibility of wedding bells too. So, till there is a concrete proof, Robert is single.


Robert came to Los Angeles to start his career as a standup comedian in TV shows. He did a few short films with his fellow students. He used to work with the equipments of Art Film division of school for their short films. He even took ballet and tap classes. By mid 90s, his income was just $15 per set and $350 per week. He made his debut in Bram and Alice and also won the life changing role of Todd in Scrubs. He also appeared in foreign language movies. While studying acting, he also acted in many plays in New York City. He started to write acts and also worked in many comedy clubs. Date or Disaster is a film that he wrote for himself. Even during ups and downs of his career, he always had a positive approach and was excited about his future always.

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Last Modified : Oct 17 2016