Sarah Feuerborn

Sarah Feuerborn was born on the 20th of September, 1978. She is an American by citizenship and of white ethnicity. She is currently 40 years old. She belongs to a large family and is one of eleven siblings. Prior to meeting her husbandJim Harbaugh, the well-known coach of the San Francisco 49ers, she was a real estate agent in Las Vegas.

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Sarah Feuerborn Harbaugh is the second wife of the National Football League head coach Jim Harbaugh. Sarah became Jim’s wife after his divorce with his first wife, Miah Harbaugh. Jim had a long relationship with his first wife. The couple was married for ten years before getting divorced.  The couple apparently had irreconcilable differences and separation led to divorce.  Jim had three children with Miah named Jay, James and Grace; they all stayed with their mother, Miah in Coronado, California.

Relationships are eccentric and can spring forth from where you never expect. After his separation from his first wife, Jim came in contact with Sarah Feuerborn during a Coaches’ convention in January 2006 in Las Vegas where she lived. He asked her out for a date in the parking lot of  P. F. Chang’s, a Chinese chain restaurant. According to her, she was reluctant in giving him her card but after a couple of days, she agreed to go out with him. She knew that he was not from Las Vegas and she knew he was a coach but she did not know he was a former NFL player. According to Sarah’s brother, Marty, ‘When he first started talking to her she wouldn’t talk to him. He chased her and chased her. Sarah says to this day if he hadn’t done that this wouldn’t be here. “ After some time, the couple finally got engaged,  on January 5, 2008. They were soon married. Sarah became the step mother of his children with his previous wife, Miah. The couple is currently blessed with three beautiful children of their own. With two daughters named Katherine and Addison and a son named Jack. On  June 19, 2016, Jim announced that both he and his wife were expecting their fourth child together and his seventh child overall.

Jim once compared Sarah Feuerborn to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. He said: “I was thinking just the other night that two people in my life, my wife and our quarterback, Andrew Luck, have a lot in common in that they’re just both perfect. With most people you say, ‘If they only didn’t do that. Or they didn’t do this. Or you wish they could do this, or you wish they could do that.’ But I don’t do that with my wife Sarah or Andrew Luck. They are just absolutely perfect the way they are. For football coach that’s pretty great, to have a great wife and a great quarterback.”

Sarah and Jim’s relationship started like many romantic made for television movies albeit a little on the creepy stalker side.  Jim was the first to notice Sarah when he was at a restaurant in Las Vegas sitting alone at the bar. When she was leaving, he followed her to the parking lot and inquired that if they could meet again later. Sarah was stunned at his statement and request; she was hesitant to respond when Jim immediately asked for her number.

At first Sarah wasn’t interested in Jim’s approach, but out of politeness she offered him her number. That same night, Jim called her nine times, but Sarah never answered his calls. When she finally picked up his call later, she mentioned tactically that she would return his call during his team’s practice session the next day; expecting him to be unable to take the call. But Jim’s perseverance and affection towards her disrupted her plan.

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