Stephen Hawking

Stephen was born on 8 January 1942 and he was born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Stephen was born in Oxford in the United Kingdom and the name of his father is Frank hawking. Stephen’s mother’s name is Isobel Hawking. He also has three siblings out of which two are his sisters and one is his brother. The name of his sisters is Mary Hawking and Philippa Hawking and the name of his brother is Edward Hawking.

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It is known that he came from a family which always had financial troubles but his parents gave a lot of importance to education so the both went to the University of Oxford. Stephen’s father worked as a medical researcher and he met Stephen’s mother during the time of world war. Stephen completed his schooling from Westminster School and prior to this, he went to St Albans High School. The school was a girl’s school but as per the rules of that era, young boys were allowed to attend girl’s school until a certain age. He later went to Oxford University and Trinity Hall in Cambridge.

Stephen won several awards for his contribution in cosmology. He published several theories on relativity and he enlightened the world about black holes as well. He also proved that the Black holes do emit certain types of radiation. Those radiations were later names as Hawking Radiations. He gave several lectures on cosmology and gravitational physics.

He also gave a theory regarding Cosmological inflation which suggests that after the Big Bang occurred, the universe expanded at a really fast rate but later the rate slowed down. Stephen also launched an initiative to find extra-terrestrial life and apart from this, he gave many interesting theories.

While pursuing Ph.D., Stephen was diagnosed with a disease known as motor neurone disease. The good thing was that his disease progressed slower than it usually did. At that time, he was also engaged to Jane Wilde. It is known that Stephen was proposed by Jane and the couple got married. The couple filed for a divorce in 1995 and later he got married to Elaine Mason in 1995 but the marriage only lasted for 11 years and Elaine became his ex-wife.

Stephen also had three children. Two are his sons and one is his daughter. The name of his daughter is Lucy hawking the name of his son is Timonthy Hawking and Robert Hawking. The disease also progressed and he began to lose his voice as well. He also had to fight for disability rights because of his illness.

Later he had a chip fitted in his throat which helped him in speaking. He also received a motorized wheelchair which helped him in moving around. Intel later developed a system to decode his facial expressions and brain patterns and the code could be used for controlling the switches. The annual salary of Stephen is not known but his net worth is estimated to be over 20 Million American Dollars.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 8 Jan, 1942
Age: 78 yrs
Citizenship: United Kingdom
Birth Place: Oxford
residence: England
Gender: Male
Description: British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author
Spouse: Jane Wilde Hawking[1965-1991]
Elaine Mason[1995-2006]
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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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