Trecina Tina

Trecina Tina’s full name is Trecina Evette Tina Campbell and was born as Atkins. She was born in May 1974 and she is a urban contemporary gospel Christian and also a Contemporary R&B recording artist and a musician of American nationality. She started to sing in 1998, when she was with her older sister Erica Campbell and it was a part of the Gospel Music Group under the name of Mary Mary. She started a solo career in the year 2014 and she has released many albums under Gee Tree Creative and her album charted on the Billboard magazine.

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From her biography, Trecina Tina was born in the city of Inglewood in the state of California. She is a daughter of Eddie Aaron Atkins who was a minister and a pastor while her mother is Andrea Honey. She was born with an older brother who died when he was six because of having a hole in the heart, spinal meningitis and Down syndrome. The other brother is alive and lives in Arizona. He is Darrell Antoine Atkins. She was born with two older sisters, Erica Monique Atkins and Meliea Dionne Atkins. Her young sisters are Delisa Marie Lisa, Thomasina Andrea Atkins, Alana Ellesse Atkins with Shanta Nena Lavea Atkins.

After singing with her sister in Mary Mary, she became a solo musician. She commenced the recording career in the year 2014 and her debut album charted at The Billboard 200, where it was at number 90, at Top Gospel Albums, it was number one and at Independent Albums, where it was number 10. The album is called It’s Personal.

Trecina Tina is a married woman and her husband is Teddy Campbell and she lives in the city of Los Angeles in California. They have five children; they are Santana, Glendon Theodore, Meelah Jane, Laiah Simone and Cierra.

Trecina Tina and her sister got married to the men who use Campbell as their last names. Teddy Campbell works as a drummer of American Idol. Her daughter Cierra is from another relationship.

Trecina Tina is well known because of being the part of the duo Mary Mary together with her sister. Together with Kirk Franklin, they are credited to increase the fan base of the urban contemporary gospel of 2000 and he introduced the elements of the soul music, jazz, funk and hip hop. The two started her career with the song Shackles Praise You and it is considered to be a pioneer song in the Urban Contemporary gospel music. The name of the group had been inspired by the Marys in the Bible, Mary who is a mother to Jesus Christ and then Mary Magdalene. This is how they came up with the name Mary Mary. She gets enough salary for the singing profession while her net worth is counted to be over 10 million dollars.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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