Victoria Justice

Victoria Justice is always in the limelight. This multi-talented person has made a lot of fans in Hollywood, and also around the world. Victoria Justice is an American origin actress, singer and songwriter. She was born on 19th February, 1993 in Florida. She started her career as an actress at the age of 10and after that she has done several movies and television series. She has recorded number of songs for Nickelodeon musicals. She has announced that her first album will be launched 2015. There are four people in her family: her father, mother and younger sister. When she was eight years old, her family relocated to California, where she selected in audition for musical theater program.

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She broke up with Ryan Rottman because she thought they were not compatible to each other. She starts dating Pierson Fode and enjoying their affair. She was seen with her boyfriend Pierson Fode. They are doing a duet song and go for many concerts together. At one concert, they were dancing and kissing each other so deeply that it was evident that they had a lot of affectionate for each other. They both were affectionate and very much open about their relationship. The couple are never afraid of Public Display of Affection.

In one of her interviews, she has discussed about her dream date in which she said that she liked fun loving and generous guys. She said that good looks come second, to characteristics. She wants respect, care, warmness and the feeling of love and companionship. These things are just like any other normal girl out there wants. She said that she is quite old fashioned when it comes to relationships and believes in mending relationships, if they start cracking.

As a girlfriend of Pierson Fode who is her co-star in Nickelodeon series, she is enjoying her life. There are rumors about Victoria’s secret marriage, the couple has announced their engagement. In fact, in one newspaper, there is a report where apparently Victoria was spotted with her engagement ring. They engaged in a secret place, in front of family and few friends. However, all these reports are a mystery, till she accepts what the reality is. They may be just rumors or they may be real. Many of her fans want to know: will she ever be the wife of handsome Pierson Fode or will they continue dating?

As she is not married, there is no chance of divorce. However, there is another rumor: she is expecting a baby as her stomach is seen bulging. Moreover, she was spotted to drink water instead of wine with toasts, this makes people more interested to know whether she is pregnant or not. There are multiple stories about her personal life. Due to all this, she is in the spotlight. Her fans are eagerly waiting, whether the news of her getting married and pregnant is truth or just a rumor. Well, till Victoria does not answer herself, the facts behind these rumors, it may be speculation.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 19 Feb, 1993
Age: 27 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Voice actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Hollywood
Education: Cleveland High School
Gender: Female
Description: American actress and singer
Twitter Id: VictoriaJustice
Net Worth 2021: 12 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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