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Kid scared to death by dad

Dad scares the same poor kid over and over again. The poor kid never sees it coming. He screams and falls each time. It's great stuff! These two have so much fun togethers, its nice to see!...Read more

The Messiah Does Sibera - Jesus 2.0

Just over 2,000 years since the original incarnation, Jesus has returned and he's not about to let a little cold weather dampen his spirit! In a forest deep in the heart of Siberia, the gentleman for...Read more

How Mario 64 creates pseudorandom numbers

"This video by Mario 64 expert PannnenKoek explains, simply and cleanly, how the game produces random numbers, using a means called a linear shift register. It is an excellent example of how such val...Read more

Hitched in Hawaii!

Tati and James are finally officially married after a 5 year wait! This is the Glam Life Guru's first official video as a married woman! Tune in to chat with the Mr. and Mrs. while on their honeymoon ...Read more

Best Way To Start Online Business On Amazon

Best way to learn how you can build a best profitable, automated online business from anywhere in the world without any prior experience or technical knowledge....Read more

Simple and Quick card tricks

This is a video of a smart kid doing two card tricks. It is very interesting and kids will love watching it. By viewing this simple video, the kids can perform these tricks without any difficulty at a...Read more

30 Day Body Intense Cut

This video shows one of my favorite channels on youtube: Buzzfeed. In this video Buzzfeed does the leg work of finding some men that need to cut some body fat and that are willing to accept that chall...Read more

Discover your younger self

This video is actually from one of my favorite channels on youtube: This channel features a charismatic middle aged male that tries to enlighten everyone across the internet with his t...Read more

Guy unknowingly opens a Pokemon card box worth 11,000 dollars.

A Pokemon Youtuber ordered a sealed booster box from the 90's for 1,000 dollars. Already, that is an incredibly rare thing to find. He started to unbox the cards and was feeling giddy and whatnot beca...Read more

USWNT Arrive in Brazil, Ready for Action

This video is focused on the U.S Women's national team's journey to Brazil for the summer Olympic games in Brazil. In the video we meet a couple players such as Crystal Dunn, Tobin Heath and Kelley O'...Read more

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