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Gopro Gone??

"This story starts with a family vacation, a family filming their annual outing to the river using his Go-pro camera strapped on his head. He jumped into the river and the camera popped off of his hea...Read more

Logan battles it out with The Rock

Logan is in New York City to meet Dwayne “The rock” Johnson. He reminisces on his past encounter with the rock. He breaks his camera while in the street of New York and his breakfast was...Read more

Gyro Drive Launch! - Scott Manley

In this video, Scott Manley, a well-known YouTube commentator, demonstrates a new spacecraft that he built in Kerbal Space Program that relies on glitches within the game's physics engine to achieve f...Read more

Corn Races

This video has a group of friends playing an online game together. In this game you can race one another in vehicles of your choosing. Throughout the video all of them race cars and talk to each other...Read more

In Jesus name everyone heals

"Todd preaching and healing on the streets by the power of Jesus name. I really feel amaze and blessed that in the name of Jesus everyone heals by his name. Because Jesus is the King of all Kings and ...Read more

Do you want to be a striper?

This video is about making sheet yarn. Its a way to use old sheets to make them into rugs. The video explains how to cut the sheets so you have one long piece for making rag rugs. It might sound easy ...Read more

Dog vs. Kangaroo vs. Man!

An Aussie and his dogs are out enjoying the Australian outback. Suddenly an angry Kangaroo latches on to one of the man's dogs. The adrenaline takes over and the man rushes over to help his best fri...Read more

Cheap tattoo vs Expensive Tattoo

Ben from buzzfeedblue always wanted to get a sleeve tattoo. In this episode of the worth it series he is going to get 3 tattoos at three drastically different price points to hopefully fill out one ar...Read more

Mini Presidential Expert Meets Her Hero

This video is about Macey Hensley who is a 10 year old girl who has extensive knowledge on presidents. Ellen Degeneres introduces the pair to the audience. At the beginning of the video, President Oba...Read more

North America gets Smashed by Faker

Faker is a Korean player of League of Legends. He is said to be one of the best, if not the best, players in the world. People say Koreans are better at League of Legends. Faker plays on the North Ame...Read more

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