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Matthew and "Linda Honey"

A three year old little boy argues with his mom about cupcakes. Apparently Mom said no he couldn't have cupcakes for dinner, so he took the matter to grandma. His cute little face and his "Linda Honey...Read more

Social Justice Warrior Awards

"Video details some of the funniest and most outrageous moments involving social justice warriors in 2016. Some of these individuals includes people such as aids skrillex, who was yelling at someone b...Read more

Sore Winner Amanda Nunez

This was the anticipated fight that legend Rhonda Rousey came back to fight Amanda Nunez. Safe to say this was not the anticipated return that everyone thought for Rhonda and she ended up getting Tko'...Read more

Fun with Bandicoot in Park

A man tried to fun using bandicoot toy with people who came to park. It was really very funny to see the reactions of the people after knew that it was a toy and a man sending it in between their legs...Read more

polar bear makes a new friend

Watch as a polar bear makes a new friend, a sled dog! This video has went viral when tourist in Canada caught the cuteness on video. Known for their some time ill temperament polar bears are not alwa...Read more

The truth about network marketing and MLM

"The video describes about network marketing or we can say MLM business. MLM is a real business that can earn you very decent amount of money even if you are not doing it full time. You just need to h...Read more

Be the you that you want to be in 2017

You should always push yourself to learn new skills and 2017 is a great year to start. This video recaps what one man learned during the year 2016 and poses the question of what will you learn in the ...Read more

Nobody on San Diego Beach has read a book

A guy asks people on a San Diego beach boardwalk what was the last book they read. Most of the people can't seem to remember any books, let alone the last book they have read. Children's books are wha...Read more

Hidden earth facts

I really enjoyed this video due to a few reasons, I have to admit i was very depressed at the fact that i didn't learn any of this in school. The earth is flat and they never hinted or even probably b...Read more

When Reality is far more Entertaining than fiction.

The existence of black holes within our known universe is astounding. These massive, ever hungry, space anomalies are constantly making us question how the universe really work. This video shows how t...Read more

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