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"Rhett Loses His Mind while Link Tries to Get His Back"

" In this Good Mythical More--the ""after show"" of the YouTube sensation ""Good Mythical Morning"" by YouTube stars and childhood best friends Rhett and Link--Rhett becomes increasingly excited (if ...Read more

Bruce Willakers gets drunk and rants about Hearthstone again

Bruce Willakers otherwise known as Rawb or Rob saw the new Hearthstone update and went on a depressed drinking again to leave us with dank memes and weirdness. Rawb attempts to calm us and use dank me...Read more

Hole-y Beach Hellraiser

Everyone loves the beach: the water, the waves, the sun and sand. Some people especially love the sand: building sandcastles is a favorite pastime for children and adults alike. But some devious peopl...Read more


Markiplier plays the indie game Mirror Layers for his viewers on YouTube. In the second video in this "Let's Play" series, Mark screams, gets confused, finds keys, and stumbles through gameplay as he ...Read more

Tough Guys Talk Silliness

This year’s crop of the best, and by best you know I mean the worst, lip readings of NFL players from the 2016 season. Featuring the game’s biggest stars such as Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Teddy Bridg...Read more

Fenton Causes Chaos

In one of my favorite YouTube videos of all time, Fenton — who appears to be some sort of Labrador — somehow evades his owner and decides to run full speed ahead in an effort to herd hundreds of d...Read more

Never (Have I Ever) Wanted to Know THAT About My Parents

Buzzfeed video with several different people playing the “Never Have I Ever” game with one of their parents in pairs (one mother-son pair, one father-daughter pair, and two mother-daughter pairs)....Read more

Bewitching Crafts: Dragon Hide Journal Tutorial

Corinne of Threadbanger goes to a thrift store to find supplies for her dragon hide journal tutorial. This video was sponsored by Dragon Mania Legends #sponsored #ad...Read more

Believe in Yourself and work hard for success

This video shows the success story of big giant online company Amazon's founder Jack Ma. He is not come from very rich family and also not pass out from very famous university like Haward, Cabridge et...Read more

Think your gaming opponents are the most toxic, guess again.

Think your gaming opponents are the most toxic people ever? Guess again. Here are 10 of the most toxic communities for some of the worlds most popular games....Read more

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