Andrea Bocelli Net Worth 2020

Andrea Bocelli's networth in 2020 is 100 million.

ANDREA BOCELLI Andrea Angel Bocelli is an Italian singer and songwriter. He was born with a poor eyesight and became blind, by the age of 12. He has recorded a lot of songs which had been sold over 100 million records. He met his first wife during his early career. He married Enrica in 1992 and had two children. They got divorced in 2002. Now, Bocelli lives with his second partner, Veronica. They met in 2002 and got married in 2010. Enrica and his two sons live in his previous residence and he, now, lives in a coastal town. There are a lot of rumors that there was no divorce. Andrea was Catholic and thus, he still tags Enrica as the estranged wife. He quotes Veronica as his girlfriend and manager and not as his partner. In 2014, the news of Andrea and Veronica wedding hit the internet. They got married on the second birthday of their daughter. They both were in a 12 year affair before marriage. The wedding was very private and his sons from his previous relationship with Enrica were also present. Veronica is 29 years younger than Andrea. Ten years ago, soon after his separation from Enrica, he spent a night with Veronica. They both never parted from that day. He tags that he is still married to Enrica because, as a Catholic, in the eyes of God, Enrica is still his partner. Some rumors state that he wanted to marry Vernoica too and used his religion as a shield for having a double life. He once stated that one has to be married to have kids, but, he married Veronica, two years after their daughter was born. He seems to have a good relationship with Enrica too. His sons were present during the birth of his daughter. He never answered any question that is related to his blindness. His answer would usually be a small story. There was once a woman who was advised by the doctors to abort her unborn child as the child might be born with a disability. She was brave enough to beget the child and make him. It was said that Enrica was the one who wanted a separation from her husband. She went on a holiday to the mountains and came back with the idea of separation. There is no proof about any boyfriend behind the rationale. The court ordered him to see his sons only on specific dates. He was very angry and he bought a land nearby and settled there in silence. A few days later; he met Vernoica at a party and asked her to spend the night at his place and this is how the love life started. His net worth is 40 million dollars. The information about the alimony and child support are not revealed to the public. Enrica has never made any comments on the separation, his new life and other rumors. She is never seen with him or for him during any ceremony. However, his sons are pretty close to him. There are no details about the current personal life of Enrica.

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Last Modified : 2020-06-26

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