Angela Buchman

Angela Buchman is known as an American meteorologist. She is most famous for her work at WTHR Indianapolis.

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Angela Buchman was born on September 18, 1974, in Fishers, Indiana. Since her early childhood, Angela displayed a strong interest in nature, natural phenomena, and weather. As a child, she often entertained her family by imitating some very famous meteorologists such as Kristen Cornett, Kent Ehrhardt, Cindy Preszler, Amy Freeze, Kelly Cass, and Betty Davis. When she started reading meteorology books and other books about the Earth's atmosphere, she was able to predict the upcoming weather for the next three days with great accuracy. It was impressive how a young girl could absorb information and then use the knowledge she learned to predict upcoming events..


Angela graduated from a primary school in her hometown of Fisher, Indiana. After her primary school education, she attended Hamilton Southeastern High School. It was there that she was able to develop her interest in meteorology, the atmosphere, natural phenomena, and geography. Angela was an excellent student at Hamilton Southeastern High School and graduated in 1990.

After graduating from high school she decided to attend Indiana State University so that she could pursue a degree in business. It was seen as an odd choice because she was so passionate about science. A degree in business was a strong contrast to scientific studies. It is assumed that she decided to first choose business because it had more stability. A boring job in finance would bring in more stable income and had more of a stable lifestyle than in a career in science.

After a short time at Indiana State University, Angela learned that the business degree and education did not interest her at all. She knew her true passion was still weather and science. The business classes she was taking did not engage her. When she was listening to her professors drone on about the economy and balance sheets, she felt that she was in prison. She had no passion when she was assigned group projects that involved doing case reports about the histories of specific companies.

Her parents encouraged her to talk to Chuck Lofton, a local weatherman. He was able to give her a piece of advice that would change the rest of her life. Upon taking Chuck's advice and encouragement to heart, she decided to change majors and universities. She dropped out of Indiana State University and started to attend Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana with an eye on her true love, the weather. She changed her major from Business to Atmospheric Science and graduated with a degree in 1996.


Angela is happily married to a loving and caring husband named Mark Dubec. They have two children named Luke and Grace. Her husband, Mark is also a well-educated man. They met while she was still attending Purdue University. They have a dog named Chewie who loves the sound of trains.

There were some rumors that she had an affair with Peyton Manning, who is a former quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. There were even claims that Angela was being paid by Peyton and his wife to keep her from talking about the relationship. Angela was seen at several charity events with the Mannings, even at the Manning home.

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Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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