Emily Bustamante

Emily Bustamante, better known by her stage name Emily B, is a well-known fashion and entertainment figure. Emily is a renowned shoe designer, TV personality, and actor. Emily is the owner of the 'ZigiNY' shoe line, which is an international shoe company. Emily has starred on the television show 'Love and Hip Hop' as an actress. Her on-again, off-again romance with rapper 'Fabolous,' with whom she has two sons, is also well-known. Emily is also the mother of Taina, a little girl she conceived during one of her previous relationships.

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Emily Bustamante was born in 1981 and her birthday is on 10th February. Her height is 5ft 5 inches at the age of 34 years old. She was born in the city of New York but grew up in the town of Virginia. She is part Dominican and part Puerto Rican for her nationality. Her ethnicity is African American. She is also known for her nicknames as John Jackson, Fabulous, and Johnathan Jackson or Fabolous.

Personal Life and Relationships

Emily Bustamante is not married, and she has a child called Johan Jackson, also known as Joso and the father is her ex-boyfriend, but he is not married to him. They also had a daughter who is called Taina, and she is over her 16th birthday. The two had been dating for an extended period, but it was like that the relationship had not worked. Emily wanted her boyfriend to be committed, but this did not happen, which is why they chose to break up. However, since they were together for over 9.2 years, the break up equals the divorce. Emily was also in a relationship with Michael Vick before he went to jail.


Emily has always had a strong interest in fashion. She knew she wanted to be a fashion designer when she was in elementary school. Emily began her career as a personal stylist after finishing with a degree in fashion. Emily was able to carve out a niche for herself as a designer and stylist after a lot of adversity and sacrifice. She worked as a personal stylist for several celebrities and athletes while also developing her clothesline. Some of her well-known clients are Ne-Yo and Trey Songz.

Emily was first mainly interested in clothes design, but she eventually shifted her focus to shoe design. In 2013, she debuted her shoe collection, 'Emily B.' shoe collection, under the 'ZigiNY' brand. The line is a one-of-a-kind combination of style and comfort. Emily integrated comfort into her designs, which 'ZigiNY' is known for, in addition to the latest trends. Emily intends to establish her clothing line, dubbed 'Emily B.'

Emily Bustamante was a reality television star for Love and Hip Hop show which premiered on the Channel VH1. Her net worth is estimated to be over 1 million dollars. She made the net worth since she was also the fashion stylist within the entertainment business. She has had personal and professional relationships with different artists in the hip-hop community, including people like Mashonda, the former wife of the hip-hop producer called Swiss Beats. It had been confirmed that Emily would not be the cast for season 3 of Love and Hip Hop.

As an artist for Love and Hip-Hop, Emily Bustamante is known to have sexy and killer curves with feet that spark both hate and love, but she is always happy with her hot body and fitness. She is active on social media like Twitter with Instagram. In the last few days, she uploaded the self-body pictures where she admitted that she was struggling with her weight before embracing her womanly shape.

Even if Emily Bustamante may have a broken family right now, according to her bio, she achieved more and is an inspiration to many people. Even after passing in what may be seen as a tragedy, this did not stop her, and she was able to achieve what she set out to achieve. She has worked in different professionals as being Rapper, Record Producer, Songwriter, and Disc Jockey. Online websites such as wiki have more information about her and things she achieved during her lifetime.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Nov 17 2021
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