Jeanine Pirro

Pirro prosecuted a wide variety of cases including but not limited to murder, rape, and domestic violence. Throughout her career, Pirro achieved considerable fame and media visibility by making appearances on television programs such as Larry King Live and Nightline. People magazine named her as one of its 50 Most Beautiful People in 1997, the same year that she was re-elected as a district attorney. In 2006, Pirro was chosen as a candidate for state attorney general in New York.

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Jeanine made regular TV appearances on The Morning Show along with Juliet and Mike. She is a regular contributor on Today and a legal analyst for Fox News. She appears on many TV shows and has also appeared as a guest numerous times on shows like The Joy Behar Show, and Geraldo at Large.

She was deemed as "the avenging angel of American justice" by Chris Matthews of the Hardball TV show. The famed Westchester County district attorney published a book in 2003 called To Punish and Protect which describes life in the criminal justice system. In the pages of her book, Jeanine advocates that the current justice system coddles criminals at the expense of innocent victims.

Political Career

Pirro also had political milestones that went well with her legal career. In 1986, Pirro was selected by GOP gubernatorial candidate Andrew O'Rourke to help him run his campaign. However, two days later, Pirro mysteriously withdrew without even explaining her decision. Michael Kavanagh took her place shortly after. In 1997, the governor George Pataki appointed her to chair the New York State Commission on Domestic Violence Fatalities. Her report and recommendations resulted in legislation passing that enhanced protections of, and safeguards for, the victims of domestic abuse.

In 2005, Pirro took the biggest step in her career in politics when she announced that she would seek the Republican nomination to challenge first-term incumbent Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton for U.S. Senator of New York in 2006. During an appearance at the Crime Victims Resource Center, Jeanine talked about herself: “I am red on fiscal policy. I am conservative and I support the Bush tax cut.” She added, “I have broad blue stripes when it comes to social issues. I am a woman who is moderate in New York.”

A couple of months after starting her campaign, Pirro dropped out of the Senate race, due to continuing pressure from party leaders, a lagging fundraising effort, and polls showing she would be defeated by Clinton. “I have decided that my law enforcement background better qualifies me for a race for New York State attorney general than a race for the United States Senate,” she said when she gave up on her bid.

The former judge couldn’t stay out of political races for too long. She announced that the 2016 presidential election was too important to sit on the sidelines. She started to back conservative businessman Donald J. Trump for President. She seemed to admire Trump for his boldness in facing the Republican establishment, who failed to stop Obama’s radical agenda during his eight-year run as US president. She posted a tweet in support for Trump’s decision to run for president and also to highlight the battle he had in trying to become the leader of the Republican party: “Mitch McConnell uses FEAR tactics against @realDonaldTrump so establishment cronies can feather their nests. American people be damned.”

In June 2018, Pirro echoed Trump’s claim that more Republicans needed to be voted into office to pass an immigration reform bill. He felt that any proposed bill would not get passed because the Democrats who hold office would just try to block it. The topic of immigration reform has become a hot topic because border patrol agents have been separating children from their parents when families try to cross the US border. Trump claimed that he was just following the rules previously set by Obama but his policy created a huge backlash among the American public.

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Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 02-06-1951
Birth Place: Elmira, New York, United States
Nationality: American
Children: Christi Pirro, Alexander Pirro
Alma Mater: University at Buffalo
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Prosecutor
Net Worth: $ 5 million
Marital Status: Married
Ex. Husband: Albert Pirro
Marriage Date: 1975
Divorced Date: 2013
T.V. Show(s): Judge Jeanine Pirro and The Real Story
Employer: host of Fox News Channel's political commentary
Birth Sign: Gemini
Salary: $416666,67 per month
Height: N/A
Birth Date: 2 Jun, 1951
Age: 68 yrs
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Elmira
Education: University at Buffalo
Albany Law School
Gender: Female
Description: Fox News Channel television show host
Twitter Id: JudgeJeanine
Spouse: Albert Pirro[1975-2013]
Net Worth 2020: 12 million
Net Worth 2021: 14 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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