John Avlon

John Avlon, born January 19, 1973 is a senior columnist and the political director for The Daily Beast and Newsweek. He is also a significant contributor to CNN. He has authored ‘Wingnut: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America’ and ‘Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics’. He has introduced a fresh wave in politics promising people a solution that is logical and takes a neutral path at the same time.

John Avlon is a Greek American ethnicity. He completed his bachelor degree at Yale University and his MBA at Columbia University.  He is married to Margaret Hoover, who is the author of American Individualism. She is the great granddaughter of President Herbert Hoover. The couple have not divorced yet. He was a popular speech writer in Guiliani Administration and in the office of Deputy Communications. He was in charge of preparing the Mayor’s State of the City Address for three consecutive years.

John Avlon is a multi-talented person who had varied interests. Besides speech writing, his career included television appearances on The Daily Show, MSNBC, CNN, Real Time with Bill Maher, C-SPAN and PBS. He also made the show ‘Wingnut of the Week’ and hosted it on CNN. In the wake of the September 11 attacks together with his team, he wrote the eulogies for the entire firefighting personnel and police officers, who were killed in the destruction of World Trade Center. His essay ‘The Resilient City’ was judged as the best essay written on September 11 attacks.

Avlon’s first book ‘Independent Nation’ was acclaimed as the best political book written on American centrist voters and was described as a true portrait of the political trend that most of the established parties have turned their back on. His second book Wingnuts was applauded by American President Bill Clinton as a clear and comprehensive outlook of the forces that govern the political spectrum and details how the forces alienate the citizens from seeing the real solution to the problems which plague them. His anthologies have been praised by Washington Post as the greatest newspaper article collection that was ever compiled.

John Avlon at present is on the board of Citizens Union of New York, The Bronx Academy of Letters, and the advisory board of Theodore Roosevelt Association. He was also made a member of the New York City Voter Assistance Advisory Committee in the year 2011. Avlon is also involved actively in politics by founding ‘No Labels’, that has Democrats, Independents, and Republicans who have the sole objective of solving the problems which society faces and making the government functional again.

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Published : Aug 26 2013
Modified : Mar 27 2016
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