Kim Porter

Kimberly Porter was born on December 16, 1971, in Columbus, GA. She passed away on November 15, 2018, in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles, California. She was a former American model who was most famous for relationship with rapper and entertainment superstar, Sean “Puff Daddy Combs”. She was also the founder of the group called “Three Brown Girls” and she was also a member of “Girl 6”.

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Early Life

When she was young, Kim dreamed of pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a professional model and she started off in the small town area of her hometown. She graduated from Columbus High School in 1988. After her graduation, she decided to move from her home town and to the big city of Atlanta to pursue her dream of modeling. She was proud of her hometown but she knew that she needed to head elsewhere to make it big. While staying there, she met Al B. Sure and they both fell in love and started dating.

When Kim was in a relationship with Al B. Sure, Kim got pregnant and the couple had a baby boy whom they named after the famous musician named Quincy Jones, who was Kim’s mentor. However, the love journey of Porter and Sure soon came to an end. Kim didn’t despair too long because her next partner would be a very nice fit with her.

Relationship with Sean Combs

Kim’s relationship with Al B. Sure didn’t last long because Kim had a love affair with the famous rap legend Sean Combs, best known for his stage name P. Diddy. Sean immediately fell in love with her, but didn’t make any move because he was unsure if she would accept his advances. He once said, “Kim made me nervous.” However, Porter took her time and enjoying Teasing Sean. The couple finally started dating in 1996.

Puff Daddy originally broke into the music scene was Puff Daddy in the mid 90s. During that era, there was a top hip hop rapper named Biggie Smalls that was very popular. Before he made it, he would rap in front of liquor stores and town parties. When Puff Daddy signed the rising star to his record label, he put all of his marketing resources into making sure that people were aware of his star pupil. Biggie Smalls became a huge success before he was murdered. After Biggie Smalls’ death, Puff Daddy carried on his spirit and went on to make Bad Boy Records one of the biggest labels in the rap game.

Sean and Kim ended up creating a big family together. She found a life partner in Sean and felt that he would always be there for her. He was her first serious relationship and she had full trust in him. Kim had had a baby boy with Sean Combs and they named him Christian Casey Combs. The couple then had twin daughters on December 21, 2006. They named their twins, D'Lila Star Combs and Jessie James Combs after Kim’s great grandmothers. They now had a full bunch with three children. It was something that Kim always dreamed about. She always wanted a loving family life with a man that she could call her guiding light and she trusted him completely.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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