Lisa Bonet

Lisa Michelle Bonet is currently a 48 years old professional American actress. She was born on the 16th of November back in 1967. Her home town is San Francisco which is located in the state of California in the United States of America. Her career has been active ever since 1982 and it goes on. She has three kids and has been married twice.

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Early life

Being born in San Francisco in the state of California, Lisa always had a great passion for the acting job. She was born to an African-American father called Allen Bonet. He was born in Texas and he was an opera singer at the time. Her mother is of Jewish descendant and she is called Arlene. She was a teacher. Lisa also has numerous other younger half-siblings.

When she was a teenaged she went to the Reseda High School in Reseda which is a town located in the state of California. Later on, after developing huge interest towards acting she went to the Celluloid Actor’s Studio in North Hollywood and got her bachelor’s degree and majored in acting.

Professional career

The fact is that Lisa has always been more interested in playing in TV shows than playing on the big screen. As a result, she mostly starred in series. Her career took off when she managed to win the role of Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. She got to play alongside famous Bill Cosby as well as Phylicia Rashad. Back in 1987 she left it in order to play on the TV series called A different World. This show focused on the life of her character – Denise Huxtable’s early life in college.

During this same year, while she was still only 19 years old, she got offered a role in the movie Angel Heart and she accepted it. She got to work with famous bad boy of Hollywood – Mickey Rourke and the movie was directed by Alan Parker. Bonet left the series A Different World after she announced that she was actually pregnant and she returned to The Cosby Show. However, due to creative differences, she was fired from the cast back in 1991.

She would then start to accept a variety of roles in both TV series and movies. She managed to land a supporting role in a movie with Will Smith called Enemy of the State. She also had many more roles which got her an estimated net worth of about $10 million.

Personal life

As far as her personal life goes, you can find a lot of information shared on her Instagram profile. However, Lisa Bonet has been married twice. First, she got engaged with the famous singer Lenny Kravitz and they had a child named Zoe Isabella who was born on the 1st of December back in 1988. However, they separated back in 1993. It was not until the year 2005 when she began dating the famous actor Jason Momoa. The couple got married in 2007 and on the 23rd of July, 2007 Bonet gave birth to her second child named Lola. On the 15th of September, 2008, their second kid was born – Nakoa.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 16 Nov, 1967
Age: 52 yrs
Occupations: Actor
Television actor
Voice actor
Film actor
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: San Francisco
Education: Birmingham High School
Gender: Female
Description: American actress
Spouse: Lenny Kravitz[1987-1993]
Jason Momoa [M. 2017]
Net Worth 2021: 14 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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