Troy Landry

Business Venture

Troy owns a service station in Pierre Part, Louisiana, on State Highway 70, known as the "Duffy Shell Station", which was proudly named after Duffy Landry's father. Troy also owns one of the largest crawfish harvesting companies in Louisiana. The reality TV show keeps him busy and happy, and Troy can often be seen on the show boasting about being the "King of the Swamp".

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Troy Landry brought his work to the television screen and became a famous reality TV star on Swamp People, a docudrama show airing on the History Channel. Swamp People has gained popularity among television audiences and has been on-air for more than nine seasons.

The premise of Troy's show, Swamp People, is to document Troy and his two sons as alligator hunters who follow a tradition dating back around 300 years. The brave trio must catch, kill, and deliver as many alligators as possible to their buyer during the hunting season, as it is their primary source of income for the entire year. There is fierce competition that requires each hunter to have various skills for a successful hunting season. Catching and killing alligators is a profession that has existed throughout history and is often passed from one generation to the next. The alligator hunters constantly discover new techniques, which are combined with the tried and true methods passed down from previous hunters to ensure that each hunter catches the maximum number of alligators allowed. Troy himself is noted for having seen an impressive 82 gators in a single day, a feat which has earned him a spot on TV.

Swamp People set TV rating records as people tuned in to see what the hunters would do on the show. The competition between hunters on the show is engaging and exciting, and alligator hunting in Louisiana is essential to keep the gator population under control. The featured hunters seen on the show are just a fraction of the actual number of hunters participating in this centuries-old tradition. We see Troy escape significant dangers throughout the show, roam the swamps, and fill his boat with gators, setting records with some of the giant beasts he can catch. Despite the many dangers of the job, there have been no injuries, except for Mitchell Guist, who died on May 14, 2012, due to an accident on the Belle River near Pierre Part. According to authorities, he slipped and fell while loading items onto his boat. It was initially reported that he suffered a seizure, but it is unclear whether the seizure resulted from the fall or if a medical condition caused it.

Troy doesn't seem to be affected in the least by the danger that comes along with alligator hunting. As one watches Troy, it often appears that the risk involved is part of what he enjoys about this occupation. It takes a brave and strong person to hunt alligators in the first place, and the result is a successful TV show filled with breathtaking scenes. Troy will continue to hunt alligators as long as people keep watching.

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Quick Facts
Ethnicity: Cajun
Net Worth: $350 Thousand
Profession: Reality TV personality, Swam man
Nationality: United States
Wife: Bernita Landry
Marital Status: Married
Children: Jacob Landry, Chase Landry
Birth Sign: Gemini
Birth Place: Louisiana
Date of Birth: 09-06-1960
T.V. Show(s): Swamp People
Salary: $29,17 per month
Height: Not Disclosed
Marriage Date: last 30 years
Net Worth 2020: 2 million
Net Worth 2021: 2 million
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Last Modified: Mar 13 2023
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