Andrew Vanwyngarden

Andrew VanWyngarden is the lead vocalist, guitar player and songwriter for the band MGMT. Born on 1st February 1983 in Columbia, Missouri, Andrew VanWyngarden spent his childhood in Memphis, Tennessee where he attended the Lausanne Collegiate School and White station high school. Bruce VanWyngarden, his father is the editor of the alternative newspaper Memphis Flyer. Andrew and his dad would often go fishing and camping in Memphis that he fondly always remembers. His biography says that he was also very active in the YMCA outdoor programs and often enjoyed camping, fishing and canoeing with family and friends.

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He captured the love of music from his dad, while listening him play the songs on his electric guitar. Soon Andrew got one for himself while he was in grade seven and started playing it and won a contest in his school the same year. Listening to music with his sisters and the record collection of his parents, influenced him to follow his passion for music. And since then, the only things he wanted for Christmas was musical instruments.

Andrew formed a band with Dan Treharne, while he was in high school, in which they just made and recorded songs, but never performed them, live. Andrew then joined a band called Accidental Mersh with a future MGMT and achieved quite a local success within their area in Memphis. The band released 2 albums and spotted a No.2 spot in the “unsigned-bands” chart, however, due to the rare attendance in the shows by the band it was dissolved. But Andrew had written and performed a song called” Super Volcano” for a class in his college.

VanWyngarden met a fellow band member Ben Goldwasser in his first year of Wesleyan University, from where he graduated in music. Despite of different study plans in University, Andrew initiated to form a band group. In an interview, Andrew said that “Kids” was one of the very first songs they created together.

Apart from the bands official website; the band MGMT has its official account on Twitter as well and most of the official news about the release of albums, music is regularly posted on it. The news about finishing the cover of Faine Jades track, “Introspection” , the release of the new video of “Your Life is a Lie” as well as the full album of MGMT was all announced via Twitter.

Andrew writes most of the lyrics for MGMT. when asked about his process of lyrics writing he described the process as "I'd sit down for a few hours and try to do them. Usually, the ideas for the lyrics have been in my head for a while, and that's how I go over them again and again." He came up with the title for the MGMT’s 2010 album Congratulations while he was making Oracular Spectacular.

While talking about fame and how it has affected him; in a recent interview, he agreed that he was becoming the kind of character he used to make fun off in his debut album. However upon the release of his album congratulations; Andrew says he has developed a more anxious feeling about the critics they received from music journalists.

VanWyngarden is doing a project with Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal known as Blikk Fang and has also appeared in a documentary film based upon the nature of contemporary music. He has also released a solo track for the surfing film, Spirit of Akasha in 2014 as well as released a cover of the song “I’m Alive” which was originally by Peter Howe in the same year.

Andrew VanWyngarden has mentioned Werner Herzog, David Lynch, and Federico Fellini amongst his favorite directors. He was listed on NME's Cool List in 2008 at number the #3 spot, just below Jay-Z and Alice Glass.

VanWyngarden is a successful rock singer. Acquiring a height of 5.10’ he is a heartthrob for millions of girls worldwide and currently stays at Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 1 Feb, 1983
Age: 37 yrs
Occupations: Singer
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Columbia
Education: Wesleyan University
Gender: Male
Description: American musician
Net Worth 2021: 14 million
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Last Modified: Feb 19 2023
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