Ashley Manning

Manning went on to the Denver Broncos where he teamed up with another man who wanted to prove his former team wrong. John Fox had a great career with the Carolina Panthers but he was never able to win a championship. The management felt that they gave him good enough rosters for him to win. When the years piled up without any championships to show for, the Panthers decided to let him go. It ended up being a good thing for Fox because he would end up joining one of the greatest players of all time in Peyton Manning.

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The defense of the Denver Broncos were playing at an elite level. Having Peyton Manning lead their offense with his create and adaptive playmaking at the line of scrimmage made for a championship formula. Manning and Fox were able to win the Superbowl and prove to their former teams that they made the wrong decisions in not believing in them.

Ashley has always had a history of being unselfish and helpful. During Ashley’s childhood, she once won a trip to a bowling event for raising the most money in a fundraiser. Instead of accepting the prize, she gave it to another child

Divorce Rumors

Ashley and Peyton’s hit a speculated rough patch when there were rumors about their divorce. Some reports suggest that Peyton was cheating on his wife. There were some whispers that Peyton was dating Angela Buchman, a local Indianapolis meteorologist. There are theories suggesting that the Mannings heard about rumors online and quickly tried to defuse them.

In Indianapolis, one of Peyton’s local sponsors was informed that Ashley would no longer be making appearances with Peyton for marketing and promotional events. A source confirmed that Peyton bought Ashley a house in Tennessee which she had been living in for more than a year. It is speculated that this would signal that their marriage in trouble. The speculation is that Peyton bought Ashley the house so that the couple could separate quietly. They don’t want to make things public because they don’t want to harm their children/ They don’t want their children to have to deal with online rumors and bullying from their peers.

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Last Modified: Jun 27 2020
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