Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Victoria Clinton is the only child of the 42nd President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton, and former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. Born in Arkansas during Bill’s gubernatorial term, the precocious Chelsea had excellent education duringher formative years. Subsequently, she earned her Bachelor’s degree from Stanford University, Masters from Oxford and Columbia Universities. She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in International Relations from the University of Oxford. Chelsea spent a large part of her youth as a public figure. Her employment stint includes McKinsey & Co., Avenue Capital Group, New York University and she serves on numerous boards such as Common Sense Media, InterActive Corp, American Ballet, in addition to her roles within the Clinton Foundation/Initiatives. Currently, Chelsea serves as a special correspondent for NBC News media and consults with the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

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Chelsea Clinton entered the adolescent phase of life during the mid-90’s, and captured the media’s attention during a 1995 trip with Hillary to India. As she entered Stanford University to pursue pre-medicine courses, the paparazzi got interested in her personal life. It was during that time news about her boyfriends - fellow students Matthew Pierce and Jeremy Kane, who incidentally interned at the White House for President Clinton, surfaced. During her sophomore years the media published the Monica Lewinsky affair.  Chelsea Clinton is credited with handling the situation very well, and holding the family and her parent’s marriage together in such tougher times.

In 2009, Chelsea revealed her personal and professional life interests, and in November that year she announced her engagement to her then boyfriend Marc Mevinsky and is to marry him soon. Mezvinsky is an investment banker by profession and a Stanford alumnus. His parents were former members of US Congress. Mezvinsky proposed to her during the 2009 Thanksgiving season. Chelsea married Marc in Rhinebeck, New York, in a ceremony graced by over 400 guests.

Chelsea and her husband Marc Mezvinsky admit that starting a family is currently a top priority especially after her maternal grandmother passed away in 2011. Media reports that Bill and Hillary are slightly distant from Marc, while Chelsea is trying to bring all of them together by strengthening their marriage and having a baby. Both Chelsea and Marc are not involved in any affairs and are not divorced. However, some recent reports reveal that the Clinton Foundation is hiring Eric Braverman who was Chelsea’s colleague at McKinsey & Co. whom she admired for his abilities. Reports have so far not indicated a romantic affair between them but apparently Chelsea had a crush on Eric and he reminded of her former college boyfriend Ian Klaus. Some critics say that she is keen to have a baby so as to save her shaky marriage. Chelsea said that her husband has 10 brothers and sisters, so they have 18 or 19 nieces and nephews, and there has been no pressure from her in-laws to have a baby. The Clinton side seems to be pressuring her to opt for the family way.

Quick Facts
Birth Date: 27 Feb, 1980
Age: 40 yrs
Occupations: Entrepreneur
Citizenship: United States of America
Birth Place: Little Rock
residence: United States of America
Gender: Female
Description: Daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton
Twitter Id: ChelseaClinton
Spouse: Marc Mezvinsky [M. 2010]
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Last Modified: Jun 26 2020
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