Egypt Sherrod

For 20 years, Sherrod has been on the American radio waves. Listeners from 60 cities across the US, such as New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Atlanta, have been impressed by her dynamic and classy advice.

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Personal Life: Affairs, Wedding, and Children

Sherrod got married to her husband, Mike Jackson, in 2010. Mike is a professional DJ who goes by the stage name Falafel Jackson. They have a daughter together, Kendall, and Jackson has a daughter from his previous relationship. There are no details about whether Mike was married to the mother of his daughter or whether she was just his girlfriend. Her name is not revealed in an interview. Egypt's relationship with her stepdaughter is considered to be quite good. She once mentioned that she spends a lot of time with her stepdaughter and is in a smooth and fruitful relationship. When she was pregnant with her first child, she said that Mike had already assumed that it would be a girl.

They announced their pregnancy in 2011, and the news of the baby girl was revealed. It was said that the pregnancy was a surprise and unplanned one. She was nauseous when she landed on a plane and consulted a doctor.

There are no details about their relationship after her daughter was born. It is speculated that Sherrod wanted to keep the details private. There are no pictures of them other than their wedding pictures. The rumors about Mike and Sherrod's divorce started when she appeared without her wedding ring. It ended up being just gossip as Sherrod never made any public comments about divorce.

There is a sad rumor that she was raped by a gangster in Brooklyn named, Peanut. He was killed by another gangster, Damion Hardy. There is no evidence to prove this story, but the story has many believers. Like the divorce rumors, Sherrod has refused to comment on the rape rumors. There is talk that Sherrod used to date many rappers when she was very young.

There is not much information available on Mike and Egypt's relationship. The public does not know how they first met, started dating, or got engaged. Egypt was not seen with an engagement ring before her wedding. After the wedding, Mike said that he was ecstatic and said he was one of the happiest men in the world. After the wedding, Mike was never available for any comments. Egypt and Mike only announced the pregnancy, and the childbirth was not available for any comments.

Most people close to the married couple have confirmed that their relationship is perfect. They claim that no attention should be paid to the occasional moments when Sherrod decides not to wear her wedding ring.

The Egypt Cares Family Foundation

Sherrod has been working hard for her non-profit organization to help the poor with financial empowerment and awareness. Based out in Atlanta, the organization's mission statement is to educate people about the importance and preservation of wealth through homeownership. She conveys the message by using inspiring and constructive lectures, boot camps, and seminars. Her work has been awarded the Mission Award from WEEN (Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network) in light of her work.

Egypt Sherrod is a respected entrepreneur who has always worked for the betterment of the people. A focused community advocate, devoted mother, and loving wife, Sherrod t have been using her power of television and radio to help millions out there. But with all of this success, her moral values and faith have kept her grounded and well balanced.

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Quick Facts
Date of Birth: 16-11-1976
Birth Place: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Nationality: American
Husband: DJ Mike Jackson
Marriage Date: 2010
Alma Mater: New York University
T.V. Show(s): Property Virgins, Bartender Wars
Children: Kendall Jackson
Height: 5 feet 7 inches
Net Worth: $ 2 million
Birth Sign: Scorpio
Marital Status: Married
Profession: founder of Real state Group.
Employer: Real state Group
Birth Date: 16 Nov, 1976
Age: 43 yrs
Occupations: Radio personality
Birth Place: Philadelphia
Education: Temple University
New York University Tisch School of the Arts
Gender: Female
Description: American television and radio personality
Twitter Id: EgyptSaidSo
Net Worth 2021: 6 million
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Last Modified: Apr 4 2022
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