HOW OLD IS Peter Doocy

Peter Doocy is 34 years and 0 month(s) old. He was born in 21 Jul, 1987. In 2009, Peter joined the Fox in NYC as a reporter, covering stories of different kinds. In the small span of his career, he has gained a lot of things. He covered Hurricane Sandy, the presidential elections of 2012 & 2008, and the 2011 floods of the Midwest. Peter gave the live reports on Hurricane Sandy from Rehoboth Beach. Peter also covered the story of the heart transplant surgery of former Vice President Dick Cheney. His reports on the shootout of "Sand Hook Elementary School," Connecticut, were quite touching and struck a chord in everyone's heart. He has also done the cover of the Boston Marathon bombing. However, Peter's recent live report of Washington's lethal Navy Yard shootout is his career's best reporting.

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Last Modified : Jul 21 2021

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