Dana Bash

Dana Bash covers all of the activities at the Senate and US House as she is congressional correspondent at CNN. She was honored with the prestigious Dirksen Award, by the National Press Foundation, in appreciation of her coverage of the Senatorial holds and Congressional earmarks. She has been in the chief congressional correspondent post since March 2006.

Family :

Dana Ruth Schwartz was born in Montvale, New Jersey in 1971. Her father was an ABC News producer and senior broadcast producer of ACS News. Her mother is a Jewish studies educator, she authored many books like ‘A touch of the Sacred’, ‘Jewish Moral Virtues’ and others. Dana has a brother who is a producer of Video news and video public relations under the name DMS Productions.


Dana married Jeremy Bash, the chief of staff of the secretary of defense, in 1998, but later divorced him and married her fellow correspondent in CNN, John King. John converted to Judaism before marrying her in the year 2008 in Cape Cod, he was a Roman Catholic by birth. Dana and King had a son, Jonah Frank King in 2011. When their son was born, John sent an email to his colleague, stating that their son will be named after the two heroes of their life, John’s mom and Dana’s grandfather.

The couple separated in the year 2012. There was no indication of what made them to separate in less than four years of their marriage. King has a son and a daughter from his first marriage that ended in divorce. There were rumors about John having affair, with one of the correspondents on CNN, after their announcement of separation. They started living in separate houses, even before their baby was one year old. When asked about the divorce, Dana said that they will continue to co-parent their son, with maximum professionalism. She also has requested the media to respect their privacy, during these difficult times.


Dana's personal life is filled with controversies. Her heartbreaks never affected her professional life. She never had a stable marriage. She was married and divorced, two times. There were many controversies about her affair with Ron Paul in many internet sites, but nothing was proved. It is revealed that Dana Bash is not in any kind of personal relationship, with another man or a boyfriend, after her separation with John King, but there were rumors that she was dating Spencer Garrett, an actor based in Los Angeles.


Dana Bash had her bachelors in Political Communications from the George Washington University. People have speculated that she went through plastic surgery; however the information hasn’t been officially declared. Rumors have spread that Dana Ruth is anorexic and may have an eating disorder, but it’s probably her body and bone structure that makes her look so.


Dana Bash was initially an editor at the Washington Bureau, planning and coordinating CNN’s Capitol Hill and the State Department coverage. She handled important issues such as Social Security and Medicare. She also co-produced the show ‘Late Edition’ along with Evans, Novak, and Frank Sesno. She worked in "Inside Politics Weekend". She covered the presidential and vice presidential campaigns in the year 2000 as well. She was made the congressional correspondent of CNN in the year 2008 and had been covering the US congress since the year 2006.


Dana Bash is a fearless and highly talented news correspondent who excels in her work. She was one of the first reporters to cover the news concerning the quitting of Senator Jim Jeffords from the Republican Party in the year 2001. This move was a monumental one that gave the Democrats an upper hand in the US Senate. She received the Dirksen Award for her coverage of the Government’s secretive interception of the translations concerning Al Qaeda. She was also part of the Peabody Award in the category of Best Political Team on television. She has also covered the evacuation of Capitol Hill in the wake of the September 11 attacks.

Quick Facts
Alma Mater: The George Washington University
Profession: Reporter and anchorwoman
Children: 1
Birth Sign: Gemini
Height: 5'11"
Ethnicity: White
Ex. Husband: John King,Jeremy Bash
Marriage Date: 1998,2008
Divorced Date: 2007,2012
Net Worth: USD 2 Million
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Date of Birth: 15-06-1971
Birth Place: Montvale, New Jersey, United States
Employer: CNN
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Published : Aug 11 2015
Modified : Nov 18 2016