Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is an American Television journalist who currently serves as the news anchor at ABC on Good Morning America. Previously, he was employed as a journalist at the Sports Centre at ESPN, as well as in ESPNEWS programming. Dubbed as the ‘Golden Boy’ of the ABC show Good Morning America (GMA), Josh has helped this show’s ratings flourish successfully.

Early Life and Education

Born in the year July 6, 1971, Elliot was a student at the well known Loyola High School of Los Angeles. After he graduated from high school, he proceeded to attended the University of California at Santa Barbara, in which he earned his degree in the field of English Literature. During this time, he fortified his skills in written communication, having written for the University newspaper. The granted him the pragmatic experience that he needed to assume his noteworthy place in the world of media. This was a precursor to the privileged educational path that he would undertake for the sake of furthering his journalism studies.

After earning his undergraduate degree, he attended Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and he successfully obtained his Master’s Degree from this notable institution. This was a strategic move on his part, as it lavished his resume with an impressive marker, the academic experience at a world renowned, Ivy League institution such as this. This paved the pathway for a number of other enviable opportunities throughout his life.

Professional Life

Before hosting for a syndicated show, he actually served as a producer for Galaxy Productions, and ultimately, produced for 20th Century Fox, as well. He initially centralized his focus on comedy development, and shifted his focus to physical production. After he received his degree from Columbia, he used his written communication skills for good and invested himself in Sports Illustrated for a total of 6 years, often delivering thought provoking media or various sports. This served as an apt foundation for his thriving career in journalism, which we ascribe him with national fame and recognition. Of course, with fame, there came additional burdens for him to sort through.

Elliots earned his first taste of success when he became a panelist on ESPN, for a show known as Jim Rome is Burning and Around the Horn. He also served as a co-host on other shows. For example, he made notable appearances as co-host on the ESPN2 show known as Cold Pizza.

He has contributed to other forms of media, and still utilizes his written communication skills to provide media coverage for sports. For example, he has contributed greatly to the ESPN Magazine and the website

Hannah Storm was his co-anchor on the ESPN Sports Center. He joined the Good Morning America show at ABC after its anchor Juju Chang quit the show. He co-anchored the Good Afternoon America show with Lara Spencer from July to September in 2012. The other anchors of the show who appeared along with Elliott are Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, and Lara Spencer. The Good Morning America show with its news, weather forecast, feature stories, and interviews that were done on a lighter vein was a huge hit with the audience and is still enjoying popularity. This was one of his most notable accomplishments, and made him a more recognizable figure. In spite of his tarnished reputation, he was able to project the facade of a dynamic and effervescent individual. It appears that his skills were not simply limited to communication, because he truly did assume the role of a likable figure on this TV show.

Personal Life

Elliot’s personal life is ridden with scandal, questions and controversy, as well. Furthermore, most of his issues appear to have emerged from interpersonal conflict, especially with his other colleagues. Of course, this interpersonal conflict appears to have permeated his personal life, as well.

Many of his conflicts emerged from childhood. He struggled with feelings of abandonment, as he was put up for adoption as a child. Josh is said to have had a troubled childhood. His mother Susan placed him for adoption at birth. Susan was blindfolded when Josh was born and had requested to not see Josh after his birth as she would not be able to let Josh be given for adoption. Josh’s parents, who adopted him, divorced when he was at the age of 12. This initial split in the family dynamic most likely impacted him quite severely, and living in such a disjointed household may have given rise to the interpersonal conflicts that he experiences today. Living in a broken household and coming from a questionable past, however, did not deprive him of his success in any capacity.

This evoked a high degree of internal turmoil, and left him pondering a number of different questions about his family and his childhood. Furthermore, Elliot made a special appearance on The View in 2014, revealing that his father unveiled his true sexual orientation when he was only thirteen. ise father revealed that he was gay, and eventually passed away when Elliot was only 15 years old. This is especially traumatizing for him, especially since he lost a very important father figure. Because of this traumatic incident, he was forced to forge ahead without the guidance of a readily involved father figure who could come to his aid. Hence, considering the extenuating circumstances of his life, he did achieve a remarkable degree of success, even without the continual support and guidance of a father figure. Even after losing his father, he pursued an elite education and made himself a well known presence in the media world.

Josh is infamous for having issues with women, including Lara Spencer. Josh has clashed with Spencer for trivial issues and they did not have an amicable relationship off-air. It is also said that he had engaged in confrontations with every woman except for Robin Roberts, whom he has higher respect for. As Josh Elliot departed from the show, he left a very interesting memo for others to see. The tone of this memo was extremely passive aggressive to say the least. He revealed that he would be going back into sports coverage and stated that GMA could not longer meet his expectations. He felt that he deserved an opportunity to meet his expectations and this is what he ultimately pursued. Based on his memo, many assumed that he was somewhat bitter about his departure from the show overall. It appears that he did not feel as though he was imparted the opportunities that he anticipated. However, many people feel that his departure stemmed from the numerous confrontations that he had with others while he was on the set.

Some of his colleagues have even described him as extremely high maintenance, and they often characterize him as a person who is troubled in his interpersonal relationships. However, he indicated that he exited the show because his salary negotiations did not go as planned. He petitioned for a higher salary, but they were unable to accommodate these needs for him.

He married Priya Narang from Westport, CT. The couple later divorced. They have a daughter, Sabrina Elliott. Josh has come to the conclusion that he is a sex addict, and was caught sleeping with ESPN interns after their honeymoon. At present, he has been allegedly seen with girlfriend, Liz Cho, who is an anchor at WABC-TV. Some reports have even linked him to one of the Real Housewives of New York, stating that he was spotted at dinner with her. However, he dismissed these rumours, noting that this was a one time occasion and that they were not romantically linked in any capacity.

Some reports have even attributed his divorce to Liz Cho. However, he confirmed that by the time these two had begun dating, he had already been separated from his wife for several months at that point. 

Josh Elliott and Liz Cho Engagement

While the rumors have been floating around for quite a while, on 30th September, 2014, Josh was announced engaged to Liz Cho. This will be the second marriage to both Josh and Liz. Liz was previously married to Evan Gottlieb and has a daughter from her previous marriage.


Although his professional personal life has been modestly sprinkled with some conflict, he has earned his share of accolades. In spite of his conflicts on and off the set, he has been able to distinguish himself in the media realm with a noteworthy career, along with his many contributions.

Elliott was honored with the local Emmy Award in the year 2005 in New York City for his contribution to Angles of the Madison Square Garden (MSG) Network. He has also appeared as co-host for Westwood One Sports’ Super Bowl XL.

Since the year 2011, Josh Elliott has been with Good Morning America, which was based on the show The Morning Exchange, a local program on ABC. Josh Elliott has made the GMA a big hit and it still stays in the lead, when compared to its rival show, Today on NBC. Though he was accused of creating disturbances among the cast and crew in the year 2012, he still maintained his prominent position on the show. Of course he determined that he would be able to thrive elsewhere and he eventually solidified negotiations with another media network, which better suited both his goals and his expectations.

Quick Facts
Marital Status: Divorced
Girlfriend: Liz Cho
Profession: Journalist
Ex. Wife: Priya Narang
Height: 1.91 m
T.V. Show(s): Good Morning America
Children: Sarina Elliott
Net Worth: $ 1.5 million
Birth Place: Los Angeles
Nationality: American
Salary: $2 million.
Date of Birth: 06-07-1971
Wife: Liz Cho
Ethnicity: White
Birth Sign: Cancer
Employer: CBS News and CBSN
Alma Mater: Loyola High School of Los Angeles
Marriage Date: 11-07-2015
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Published : Aug 1 2013
Modified : Mar 27 2016