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Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones - Ivory

I think this could be a really great high end gift for an audio, music, or gaming lover. I have seen them on sale for around 100 dollars sometimes. I have a few friends who have them and they sound in...Read more

Walking on the sand is good for your health

So, it’s summer. And what do we do in the summer? That’s right! We go to the beach. And while you’re there, you’ll be happy to know that walking on the sand can be proven surprisingly benefici...Read more

By: Bill Thompson | Medical | Aug 16 2015

BB King: Homicide Investigation for the Legend of the Blues

A homicide investigation has been conducted for almost two weeks now, after the legend of the blues, BB King has passed away. That information was announced by the forensic surgeon’s office at the s...Read more

By: Lizzie Walters | Medical | Jun 4 2015

Understanding Nail Fungus Treatment

The appearance of toenails that have nail fungus will cause many people to go through the summer months hiding their feet rather than wearing the beautiful summer sandals. Nail fungus can cause a yell...Read more

By: bi jog | Medical | Jun 16 2013


Divorce hotel is the hotel service package where the unhappy couples can have divorce in a very unique and easy way. The paperwork will be ready within 48 hours in this package. It is the latest way o...Read more

By: bi jog | Medical | Sep 9 2014

10 Credit Cards with Awesome Cash Back Rewards

Credit cards offering cash back rewards are famous these days among credit card users. Such credit cards offering cash back reward offers you for some cash back facilities that may be points or cash r...Read more

By: bi jog | Medical | Aug 17 2014

The Best Free Asbestos Testing Kits

There are many labs that you can prefer from for testing for asbestos. You can buy the testing kit and send the sample to the testing lab and they will send you the reports by email and/or by mail. ...Read more

Types of Asbestos

Asbestos is group of six silicates naturally occurring in nature and formed from metamorphic rocks. Tremolite Asbestos, Actinolite Asbestos, Anthophyllite Asbestos, Chrysotile Asbestos, Amosite Asbes...Read more

By: bi jog | Medical | May 29 2013

What Is Asbestos and how it is Linked to Mesothelioma?

Asbestos is naturally occurring fiber consisting of silicate materials found in some rocks. Asbestos is very desirable because of its physical properties such as sound absorption, fire resistance, ten...Read more

By: bi jog | Medical | May 28 2013

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