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North America gets Smashed by Faker

Faker is a Korean player of League of Legends. He is said to be one of the best, if not the best, players in the world. People say Koreans are better at League of Legends. Faker plays on the North Ame...Read more

Is Islam really peaceful? Watch this video and find out!

It is a very passionate and informative debate about Islam - a religion of peace? Speakers include - Zeba Khan, Maajid Nawaz - in favor and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Douglas Murray - opposing the motion. All s...Read more

Hardest Knocks in NFL History

This video is a compilation of the hardest hits NFL history. I had a lot of fun going through the video. The players put huge hits on each other and just keep getting up for the next play. Football is...Read more

A better way to look at the new year

This video talks about how as humans we do not take "new years resolutions" seriously. First off, we wait for the new year just so we can get started on goals. Why not get started now? In the video, h...Read more

Curb Your Breasts

This is a clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm. It is taken from the Season 5, 9th episode. The Episode is titled "The Korean Bookie". Larry finds out that some money that he spent was used to pay for someo...Read more

A Cute Story by a cute kid

This is a video of a kid story telling. The way it is presented is very interesting. The kid tells the story of a crow and a fox in a very good manner. This story is liked by the kids and as the adult...Read more

Tom Dwan Heads up vs Phil Hellmuth

This is a Texas hold em No Limit heads up match between Tom Dwan and Phil hellmuth. It is taken from a Las Vegas Heads up Tournament from 2010. This is one of Tom Dwans first heads up games in live po...Read more

The Trump show

"wow a hilarious video from Saturday night live featuring our fearless leader Donald Trump played by Alec Baldwin co staring Hillary Clinton played by Kate Mckinnin reenacting the 2016 second preside...Read more

Kids reacting to Filipino Dishes

This is a fun and cute video showing children trying popular Filipino dishes. It is assumed that these kids have never before ate these foods. The kids are between the ages of 5-10 for the most part. ...Read more

Divide and Conquer: Generational Changes in Fallout's Roleplay

Older Fallout games, taking from RPGs, focused on a sort of character-focused roleplay. As the series expanded under Bethesda, the series became far more about expressing yourself as a person. This ma...Read more

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