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What you NEED to know for the New Year!

Tired of boring your friends with the same old trivia? Curious about how gross beer really is? How many hearts an octopus has? How tiger sharks start out life as the survivor of a bloody war? This vid...Read more

Do you remember your first celebrity crush?

We all have our celebrity crushes, those sexy men or women who we simply adore, but little Mila's sexy crush breaks her heart. While sitting in the car Mila's mom tells Mila that Adam Levine had gotte...Read more

So Blessed

The video that I decided to watch was of a video of one of my favorite youtubers talking about where he was last year, and the year before that. This video was inspirational to me because I have watch...Read more

The Little Things You Didn't know

We use things every day without ever wondering why they are the way they are, and how these inventions came to be. There are reasons why women’s bikes are different than men’s, why a beer bottle i...Read more

Ball soars from one hand to the other

Ball soars from one hand to the other with out a force to keep it moving. The hands are flat and only moving when the weight of the ball has pushed the hands down, just as if it was a spring under a s...Read more

Heaven Help Us, Most College Students Should Not Be Allowed to Vote

This video interviews Texas Tech students and asks them mind-numbing easy questions such as "who won the civil war?" It is both funny and depressing to learn how many don't know. ...Read more

Talking Dogs Owner Drives Him Crazy!!

This video is a great play on if a dog could talk and how he would respond to his owner teasing the daylights out of him. In the video we see the dog in a house being spoke to by his owner. The dog is...Read more

Unsolved Mystery

On the night of 1945, the Sodder family experienced a huge house fire which ended up burning the entire house down. However, many different aspects of the story have suggested foul play, including no ...Read more


India's Prime Minister addressed the nation on the eve of New Year the past 50 days, countrymen, the conflict with the government's decision and to strengthen the fight against money laundering.Given ...Read more

Japanese girl eats 6000 calories of donuts bigger than her head

This girl uploads videos of herself eating thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of calories in one meal. In this video, she eats huge donuts, regular sized donuts, and what look like donut holes on...Read more

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