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Megatron Gets Boobs for Feminism

Megatron is forced into a brutal truth after a controversial fight with his enemies. Through nights of research on the almighty feminism movement, his life is changed forever. By equipping himself w...Read more

Doomsday paradox

"This video talks about the likely extinction of humans based on certain surveys and facts. Firstly, vsauce asserts that human extinction is possible by using the genome code of currently known deadly...Read more

Cats who are fed up with it all

This video is a series of instances with cats. The sum of all of the instances reflect the true nature of cats everywhere. Cats, in general, tend to be introverted jerks. They prefer their own persona...Read more

one of the most hilarious people/animal videos.A must see

"This video is really funny, with different scenes of animals ating goofy,animals acting sily with their fellow pets,acting alone, acting super funny with their owners. I really enjoy watching funny ...Read more

Bouncing Rump Corgi Races Under the Bed

Watch as this adorable, spunky corgi races around the futon bed and then take a shortcut under it; doing the splits and bouncing it's fluffy rump to waddle it's way through. His wide smile and lolling...Read more

Stress relief - A Divine Solution

"Stress creates an immense unstablity mind that does not help us to deal our day to day tasks efficiently. While analyzing the deepest corners of the stressed mind, we could see the fear of getting lo...Read more

Rescued cuties: baby hedgehog hiccups!

The video shows three baby hedgehogs picked up by a Wildlife Rescue Centre. The hedgehog babies had been abandoned by their mother immediately after birth, as she was disturbed while birthing them. Th...Read more

Why we ALL love cats!

I love cats. You love cats. We all love cats. Cats are little bundles of joy that not only make great companions but also make us laugh in the process. From getting stuck in the most awkward positions...Read more

Stings and Bites on Purpose

These guys are free handling bullet ants, harvester ants, fire ants and other insects that sting. They are actually making the insects sting them. An alligator bit the man's arm. They had leeches o...Read more

intuition believe

"It's all about our believe that evolve from our intuition to any thing which we assume to give up.It shows that we can do any thing what we want to do in our life but the main thing is our believe...Read more

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