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Luis Armand Garcia, better known as Max Lopez for his role on the ABC TV Series “George Lopez”, is an American child actor. Luis Armand Garcia was born in LaGrange, Illinois on March 9, 1992. He has five siblings. Despite acting at such a young age, it is said that Luis Armand Garcia was able to maintain a well-balanced life. He attended school and held an A average as well as being a part of the high-school football team. He also found time to pursue hobbies such as skateboarding and golf. Skating inspired him to launch a new line of skate wear on the spring of 2006. He also was invited to play in a celebrity golf tournament. He graduated high school with honors in 2010.

Acting Career

Luis Armand Garcia only holds 3 credits as actor, all of them on TV series. He made his television debut on the series “ER” at the age of thirteen.

His participation as Maximillian Victor Roberto “Max” Magic Johnson Lopez, a starring character on the “George Lopez” show, was the character that launched him to fame. The show became the first Hispanic family situational comedy on network television and also the longest running series of it's type.

In the George Lopez show, Luis plays the role of the Garcia's second-born child and only son, Max. Max suffers from minor dyslexia, like his father, and has also suffered from insomnia. He easily succumbs to peer pressure due to self-esteem issues rooted in his dyslexia, which caused him to be bullied throughout grade school. This has led him to do extreme things like dying his hair purple, or ending up in the hospital after drinking too much grain alcohol at a party. Despite his difficulties, he has a friendly and respectful relationship with both parents and his siblings.

The George Lopez show aired for six seasons and 120 episodes on ABC from March 27, 2002 until May 8, 2007. It was created by comedian George Lopez, himself, with full starring, creating, producing, and writing credits for the show. He used much of his own life for the underlying storyline. George only participated under the condition that the show would not be demeaning to Latinos (with roles as murderers, drug dealers, or gang members.) The initial idea gained the support of Sandra Bullock who was concerned about the lack of visibility and positivity for Latinos in American television, and who helped get the show on the air with help of her Hollywood connections. The first five seasons featured an almost exclusively Latino cast. The show was canceled in 2007 due, in part, to rotating time slots and competition with popular show such as American Idol. Despite being cancelled, previously aired episodes are often shown both in the United States and internationally. On September 2, 2016 George Lopez mentioned on Instagram that there were talks surrounding a return of the show, but nothing official has since been announced.

The George Lopez show won a series of awards. Luis Armand Gargia was nominated in 2003 for “Best Performance in a TV Series (Comedy or Drama) – Young Actor Age Ten or Younger”. Dylan Cash ultimately won the award for his role on ABC's General Hospital. The George Lopez show itself won both “Best Family Television Series (Comedy or Drama)” and “Best Primetime Comedy Series-- Television”.

Quick Facts
Net Worth 2021: 3 million
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