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Something funny, something strange, non the less you'll be entertained

You will find it hard to match the level of amazement found in this video. I was afraid and curious all at the same time. I wanted to see him succeeded in yet another stunt....Read more

Love at first sniff: dogs meet cat for first time

?In this video, the host of the YouTube channel, Jenna Marbles, introduces her dogs to a cat for the first time. She introduces her first dog (the calmest one) to the cat first without success....Read more

Replica Miniature Guns That Fire!

This is a video that showcases a gun producer who makes guns at 1/2 scale size. He has made a wide assortment of guns that he has produced for customers as well as his own extensive private collection...Read more

Easy life solutions

This video consists of simple solutions to our daily life issues. The video contains solutions form ranging to how to utilize the minimum space while packing clothes to creating your own laundry folde...Read more

Slept on too often

This captures the emotions after a victory for UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. I really admire this fighter for being able to win so consistently, and being such a great role model for ...Read more


James Padraig 

James Padraig is the son of the famous actor, Colin Farrell. He is suffering from the genetic disorder known as Angelman Syndrome. ...Read more

Oct 15 2017

John Belushi 

John Belushi was a self made man He had struggled a lot in his career to earn success and position for himself...Read more

Aug 5 2017

Kassius Lijah

Kassius Lijah is an American celebrity kid He is known to be a son of the famous American actor Brian Austin Green and actress Vanessa Marcil He is just 15 years old and there is very limited information about him...Read more

Jun 28 2017

Shaelyn Cado

Shaelyn Cado is an American celebrity daughter She is best known to be a daughter of American actor and author Taran Hourie Killam and famous Canadian actress Cobie Smulders who is known for her role of Robin from How I met your mother...Read more

Jun 28 2017

Justine Maurer

Justine Maurer is an American celebrity wife She is known to be a wife of the famous American actor producer stand up comedian John Leguizamo She worked in the movie industry and served as a costumer for Carlito s Way film...Read more

Jun 28 2017

Shoshanna Lonstein 

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss is an American celebrity and fashion designer She is known to be a founder the fashion label Shoshanna Shoshanna launched several swimwear collections She also served for Elizabeth Arden Inc and Gap Inc...Read more

Jun 28 2017
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